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ocp pvc 1954 world cruise 413th ftr intcp sqdn 480 fs 497th tactical fighter squadron 62d tactical fighter training squadron 63d tactical fighter training squadron & 72d tactical fighter training squadron. 700th mig kill a4d-2 ace novelty andy capp bart simpson bill the cat bugs bunny calvin canal zone carrier air group 9 circa 1952 crc-5 det kadena j-7 jh-7 j-8 j-10 j-11 su-27 su-30 bait cva-12 desert desert bugs bunny desert calvin desert pvc desert tasmanian devil desert wile e. coyote desert; pvc e error f-22 f-86d f-86e f-86f f-86h fighter fighter wing foreign language gaggle: 61st tactical fighter training squadron garfield gunnery team 1958 heritage howard afb invenir notum facer late 1960's early 1970's usmcr lt col joe clark usaf ret. marvin the martian mickey mouse ocp ocp pvc ocp pvc ocp snoopy ocp/pvc operations opus our might always panama peanuts pink panther pvc pvc pvc ocp pvc pink panther rc-135 150+ missions roadrunner snoopy spad special operations squadron squadron strength tempered by knowledge combat air forces a f engineering & technical service subdued support t 37 check section task force 77 korea uss oriskany cv-34 vf 874 124 tasmanian devil tweety bird uss hornet vc-61 u. h. fleet photographer task force 77 korea japan vc-61 unit h vf-936 weapons instructor wile e. coyote wile e. coyote ocp wing yosemite sam
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