USMILITARYPATCHES.com is the largest Website on the Internet focused on patch collecting of the armed forces of the United States, including US AIR FORCE, US ARMY, US MARINE CORPS, US NAVY and US military patches of the Unified Commands directly under the DEPARTMENT of DEFENSE.

Each of the above categories has its own dedicated section containing its own forum, patch gallery, reference section, and links–all of which may be accessed freely by any registered user. Registration is free.

The goal of this Website is to provide a community where both beginners and advanced patch collectors have an educational resource at their disposal to view and study patches; identify unknowns; and discuss units, related topics, and all aspects of collecting US military patches. With many advanced collectors as members, USMILITARYPATCHES.com is THE source for: Accuracy, Knowledge, Historical Significance, and Expertise.

The focal point of this Website is unquestionably the galleries which contain thousands of images of patches used by the USAF, US Army, USMC, and USN, as well as those used by the joint organizations that report directly to the Secretary of Defense (OSD, JCS, & Unified Commands). The galleries are organized numerically by unit designations and alphabetically by organization names and are fully searchable. In addition to the galleries, this Website has an abundance of reference material for the beginning and advanced collector.

USMILITARYPATCHES.com is dedicated to preserving the embroidered heraldry of all US military services and the esprit de corps they have built. Heraldry can be defined as a communication system that uses colors and symbols for the purpose of identification. To avoid confusing friend from foe, the “coat of arms” was created. This has carried through American military history from the shoulder boards of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, Union Army Corps badges during the Civil War, and emblems of WW-I that were eventually made into cloth or leather patches worn on leather flight jackets and uniforms. Many of the patches worn on the shoulders of American military personal today originated during those early days and are the same designs used long ago. Patches are unique pieces of history that represent the men, women, and organizations of our United States Armed Forces.